FILTER COFFEE︱Capim Branco︱Natural Yellow Catuai︱BRAZIL︱ROCKET 200g
FILTER COFFEE︱Capim Branco︱Natural Yellow Catuai︱BRAZIL︱ROCKET 200g
FILTER COFFEE︱Capim Branco︱Natural Yellow Catuai︱BRAZIL︱ROCKET 200g
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FILTER COFFEE︱Capim Branco︱Natural Yellow Catuai︱BRAZIL︱ROCKET 200g

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For more than 100 years Brazil is still the world’s largest coffee producer, yet around the country, growers are beginning to focus more on quality than on quantity. One of the perfect examples is Andrade family.


PRODUCER︱Andrade family
FARM︱Capim Branco
VARIETY︱Yellow Catuai
ALTITUDE︱1100 m.a.s.l.
HARVESTED︱May-September 2022
TASTE NOTES︱Milk chocolate, Macadamia nuts, orange marmalade
ROAST DATE︱27︱03︱2023
ROASTER︱Rocket Bean Roastery (Riga, Latvia)

Backstory from the roaster:

“Minas Gerais from Brazilian language means "General Mines”, named after the gold rush in the 18th century. It is the largest coffee-growing state in Brazil, accounting for close to 50% of the total coffee grown. The cultivation of coffee beans helped the country expand into the powerhouse to where it is today, and was in large part responsible for the development of Brazil’s southeastern region, the wealthiest part of the country today.

The Andrade family history began in 1901, with their ancestors at Capim Branco Farm, in Carmo do Paranaíba, High Cerrado, state of Minas Gerais. With the aim to produce high-quality coffees, the new generation of the Andrade family established their farms in this region during the ’70s. This region has an altitude between 1.100 and 1.200 meters, which provides ideal conditions for growing coffee due to its perfect balance of wet and dry seasons.

The volcanic soils are perfect for growing Yellow Icatu, Yellow Catuaí, and Red Catuai varietals, which thrive here and account for the majority of the farm’s yield. This is where Brazil’s best natural coffee beans are produced.

In the Tupi-Guarani (Brazilian native tribe) “catuai” means “very good”. This variety is a hybrid between Mundo Novo and Yellow Caturra and the coffee trees are very compact – they can be closely spaced, easily applied with pest or disease treatment, and has a high yielding potential.”


* Suitable for preparation by all kinds of filter methods such as French Press, V60, Chemex, AeroPress, Kalita, Cowboy coffee or home filter coffee machine, like Moccamaster. For best results, use a ratio of 60g of coffee per 1L of water.

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